Microsoft’s New Department

Read carefully from this memo. See if anything stands out to you:

(CEO Steve) Ballmer also talked about the company’s future plans, while detailing the functions that form the basis of Microsoft’s transformation — Engineering, Marketing, Business Development and Evangelism, Advanced Strategy and Research, Finance, HR, Legal, and COO.

Who knew Microsoft was evangelical? 

Fun with my “Hacked” Nook

Practicing with my “Android” reader, I have downloaded the Olive Tree Reader, along with the Cadre Bible. Both allow me to have downloaded Bibles so I don’t need to be connected to wifi.

While I am still getting used to electronic Bible reading, it is more useful for taking notes within the text. The Olive Tree Reader is easier to make quick notes within the text, but both programs allow me to sync all my textnotes to Evernote. Evernote creates a file for the Olive Tree Reader or the Cadre Bible and then I can file them where I want after they have synced. It gives me a permanent place to place my notes outside the readers.

It’s a slow process for me. I still like the printed page. Yet, I am getting a bit more used to taking quick notes this way. (What I would like is to find a bluetooth keyboard that can make it that much easier to take notes on my Nook.)

The Challenge of the Digital Age

My experiment with turning the Nook into a Droid tablet has been a lot of fun. I now have much more than an e-reader. Getting productivity out of something that costs quite of bit of money is important for me.

But the digital age has its glitches.

I learned to download Bible readers that don’t need internet connections because I began my teaching schedule and the wifi at the college was very uneven in giving me connectivity. But the other day, that still didn’t save me. Just when I think I have really achieved, and I’m reading the Bible from a tablet, looking all “cutting edge” (but not really, since it isn’t an iPad), for some reason the tablet decides it needs to REBOOT while I’m trying to read a Bible passage in my class.

There are times when it’s all I can do to keep myself from chucking something out the window and go searching for a print Bible, a legal pad, and a ball point pen…

The sky is falling!

Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO of Apple. The way the news reads today, it sounds like he’s dead. It’s like reading obituaries!

There will be endless blogs and articles about the viability of Apple. The news is full of it already.

An incredible visionary has left his position and the company he has infused with incredible energy seems to keep moving on. For how long, no one knows.

But this we do know (even though it doesn’t sound like it):

1. Steve Jobs has NOT died.

2. Apple is still open for business.

Everyone just breathe.

Nook Reader on Android

Yesterday a friend set up my Nook to be an android tablet. He has been overcome with power and is now hacking anything he can get his hands on. (You should see a hacked toaster. It makes great waffles now.)

But as to the Nook reader, I like the app better! The page turn function is more animated PLUS you can turn the Nook sideways and the text will turn. The regular Nook wouldn’t do that.

Getting far more functionality out of the Nook with the Android hack is a great discovery to this point.

Of All Things Google… and other technology nightmares

After feeling left out of the earliest adopter stage of Google Plus, I am now IN. Of course, I have no idea what that means. I’m still waiting on that Google Wave thing to take off, too.

One question posed by Brian at Near Emmuas was if Google really beefed up Blogger, who would go to it, or go back? I started with Blogger and then moved to WordPress. Since I do all things Google, and the tattoo on my forehead now reads “Goog” (I’m still saving up for the last two letters), I’d probably give Blogger another shot. WordPress is pretty set for me, but if Blogger had a good variety of templates and good stats keeper I’d give it another look.

But technology is such a trap. My cell phone (a Blackberry) actually fried yesterday. Fortunately, the calendar and contacts still work, but I’m pretty much in a catatonic state until Tuesday. (These things never break on Monday.) Then, my old reliable Mac desktop is finally on its last leg. Of course, this also comes at a time when I have no way of affording a new machine. My youngest son isn’t so thrilled with THAT prospect!

Technology provides us with conveniences we didn’t know existed ten minutes ago, only to let us down and then we proclaim the end of the world.

I was watching a movie last night that was set in 1976. At one point when the son is trying to race back to the family’s house to warn his dad of something, I thought, “USE YOUR CELL PHONE!” How in the world did we even survive back then?

The love/hate relationship I have with technology will obviously continue… AS LONG AS I GET MY CELL PHONE BACK! 😉

This is NOT my Blackberry


A challenge came through Charles Colson’s Breakpoint commentary in my email. Unplug for a period of time. Of course, I had to check my email to know this. And, I’m blogging to put this challenge out there…even to myself… so can I unplug?

This paragraph from Colson states the obvious:

While technology has many worthwhile purposes, it demands a high price from us. Studies have shown that our increasing media dependency is crippling our attention spans, wounding our ability to create meaningful relationships, and generating a false expectation that we should be able to be contacted at every hour of the day.

What a challenge. His suggestion is this:

Unplug all technology for an hour. Read a book. At the end of the hour, pull out a pen and paper and write a letter. Go for a walk outside.

We are losing our ability to communicate. With all the technology TO communicate, we are truly communicating far less than ever before.