The Challenge of the Digital Age

My experiment with turning the Nook into a Droid tablet has been a lot of fun. I now have much more than an e-reader. Getting productivity out of something that costs quite of bit of money is important for me.

But the digital age has its glitches.

I learned to download Bible readers that don’t need internet connections because I began my teaching schedule and the wifi at the college was very uneven in giving me connectivity. But the other day, that still didn’t save me. Just when I think I have really achieved, and I’m reading the Bible from a tablet, looking all “cutting edge” (but not really, since it isn’t an iPad), for some reason the tablet decides it needs to REBOOT while I’m trying to read a Bible passage in my class.

There are times when it’s all I can do to keep myself from chucking something out the window and go searching for a print Bible, a legal pad, and a ball point pen…

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