I am Becoming More Liberal

That just has to be the explanation. I am becoming more liberal! Why else would I NOT like the NIV 1984 but rave about the TNIV and the NIV 2011? What was I thinking? (It certainly couldn’t have been that the TNIV and the NIV 2011 were actually better translations! Certainly not!)

The Southern Baptists have called for a “ban” on the NIV 2011. Yet, another “conservative” group, the Wisconsin Synod Lutherans (WELS) are still endorsing the NIV 2011, with a lot of reservations. Even then, the NIV 1984 is spoken of in glowing terms.

I still don’t get why the NIV 1984 could be considered a better translation, so it MUST be because  I am becoming more liberal. That has to be the simple explanation. (We certainly can’t go for any complicated explanations in today’s culture. Not with 140 character limits on Twitter.)

Next thing you know I might actually like Brian McLaren!

What’s next? Dear God! Someone stop me!

(I’d put another disclaimer right here, but people generally ignore it. So I won’t.)

5 thoughts on “I am Becoming More Liberal

    1. Oh, the pain! But I belong to a denomination that is a closet supporter of feminism (compared to WELS, LCMS, or SBC). And SO DO YOU! lol

  1. It’s happening to me, too, Dan! I’m afraid I’m becoming more liberal, too!

    But at least in the liberal UMC they still think I’m a right-wing radical wacko. 😉

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