“No one has ever been — no one can ever be — educated in school or college. The reasons is simply that youth itself — immaturity — is an insuperable obstacle to being educated. Schooling is for the youth. Education comes later, usually much later.” (Mortimer Adler)

I am realizing this more and more in my own life and in the lives of students I teach in college. In earlier stages of my life I thought I had an education. All I received at that time was information and knowledge. The importance of receiving that “schooling” cannot be underestimated. It helped form my education. My education has continued. Now, as I strive to finish another degree in seminary, I see education in my life. What I thought I had learned before I realize I was now applying it. Seminary has helped me realize the formation of a new education in my life. Yet, I sit with fellow students who are not yet in ministry. While they are learning the same things I am learning, they are only being “schooled” to a point because they do not have the same frame of reference. Their education in the church is still ahead.

At the college level, the students I have really have more to learn. This is part of my education as well. When I get frustrated with their lack of progress in common sense, I am reminded by a mentor of mine that when I was that age I thought I had it all together, too! My education continues. I must “school” the college students. I must prepare them for their future education.

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