Holiness. We do not have this concept fully in our brains. I use the collective “we” because I am guilty.

The past few weeks have seen some devastating spiritual losses in situations near and far. In the midst of spiritual victories we still battle with defeat!

From Ted Haggard stepping aside as president of the NAE as well as his megachurch, there is the new story of another Denver area pastor (another megachurch) who stepped aside because of homosexual encounters.

Closer to home, the school where I teach has had to deal with issues among student leaders, one of which is so horrifying there are possible charges pending against the young man. Sexual immorality again.

We have lost our way and the Lord is going through pruning away…again. We need to heed the call.

Fear God. Really. Tremble. He is HOLY. Do we have any idea what that means? Are we so lost in our own little worlds we just have no regard for the One who is “wholly other”? He is magnificent, and we treat him so shamefully.

May our hearts break. May MY HEART break…

Fear him. Know him. Take the time.

This is the God who DELIGHTS in us! He is so thankful for us, even in our sin! That thought simply blows me away. Our delight needs to be in him. Too often, our delight is in ourselves.

Break our hearts, O God.

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