A generational upheaval

In the work I get to do, I meet people in organizations working with youth and children a lot. Over and over the deep concern in reaching children, educating children, etc., is the severe loss we have from COVID. There is a serious lag in development in an upcoming generation and we need to takeContinue reading “A generational upheaval”

Three keys of transformation in my life

I start this by saying I readily acknowledge the margin I’ve been graced with in my life financially. While these three keys are possible in “free” ways, I have been able to utilize these keys with resources, for which I am profoundly grateful. (A key for me is to be financially obligated and that becomesContinue reading “Three keys of transformation in my life”

Passion and Facts: Invisible Children

My youngest son is involved in the group “Invisible Children.” A lot of kids in his high school are incredibly passionate about this project. One of the exciting things I see in this generation is passion for great causes. They raise thousands and thousands of dollars for projects like “Invisible Children” and Project Rescue, whichContinue reading “Passion and Facts: Invisible Children”

Right into college or not?

Interesting interview on should kids go straight to college? I will say this as an adjunct professor: Those who have been out of high school and had a couple of years working, or traveling, or doing a missions trip, are FAR more ready to hit the books than most kids coming straight from high schoolContinue reading “Right into college or not?”

Hard Work and Determination

I am reading a book with my church staff about the “Me Generation.”  It is a study, with some very funny sharp opinions, about our current generation. There are some very admirable things about this current generation. One thing I was admittedly surprised about was they seem to have high goals. The downside is theyContinue reading “Hard Work and Determination”