Three keys of transformation in my life

I start this by saying I readily acknowledge the margin I’ve been graced with in my life financially. While these three keys are possible in “free” ways, I have been able to utilize these keys with resources, for which I am profoundly grateful. (A key for me is to be financially obligated and that becomesContinue reading “Three keys of transformation in my life”

Passion and Facts: Invisible Children

My youngest son is involved in the group “Invisible Children.” A lot of kids in his high school are incredibly passionate about this project. One of the exciting things I see in this generation is passion for great causes. They raise thousands and thousands of dollars for projects like “Invisible Children” and Project Rescue, whichContinue reading “Passion and Facts: Invisible Children”

Right into college or not?

Interesting interview on should kids go straight to college? I will say this as an adjunct professor: Those who have been out of high school and had a couple of years working, or traveling, or doing a missions trip, are FAR more ready to hit the books than most kids coming straight from high schoolContinue reading “Right into college or not?”

Hard Work and Determination

I am reading a book with my church staff about the “Me Generation.”  It is a study, with some very funny sharp opinions, about our current generation. There are some very admirable things about this current generation. One thing I was admittedly surprised about was they seem to have high goals. The downside is theyContinue reading “Hard Work and Determination”

Hurting the Poor

Usually it’s the Republicans who are bashed for hurting the poor. It turns out the Democrats are equal opportunity cutthroats as well. Note this: Once again, politics prevails; the poor and downtrodden are forced to bow before the vested interests. No wonder there’s a surging populist revolt in America. No wonder the ordinary, hard-working AmericanContinue reading “Hurting the Poor”