Clarity and accuracy in translation are helpful

Over the years I have done a very bad thing in the eyes of scholars. I have drifted more toward translations that work to make the text more readable. For ESV, NASB, NRSV, and RSV lovers… I am a heretic. For KJV only people, I’ve been apostate for years. I still use “word for word”Continue reading “Clarity and accuracy in translation are helpful”

Common English Study Bible

Cokesbury had a huge sale last week and it included the Common English Study Bible. I was able to obtain this translation when it first came out through the generosity of the publisher, and I’ve found it to be a refreshing translation. It certainly has its “quirks,” but for common reading (and for me it’sContinue reading “Common English Study Bible”

The CEB Study Bible

Since the arrival of the Common English Bible, I have been intrigued by the simple approach to translation. It is designed to make the Bible clear. For lifelong Christians, that isn’t easy. I have trouble still with calling Jesus “the Human One,” and calling the ark a box. But where I see how the CEBContinue reading “The CEB Study Bible”

The Common English Bible — A Year Later

Last Advent season I was part of the blogger series for the Common English Bible. They extended their blogging series through Lent, then to Pentecost, so I spent many months using the Common English Bible along with the NIV2011 in my teaching and preaching. Once the blogging event was over last spring, I still foundContinue reading “The Common English Bible — A Year Later”

Common English Bible and Romans 5:1

I have enjoyed our New Testament reading this summer in the Common English Bible. Yet, I still find a couple of awkward phrases. (Every translation provides that, however.) Rom. 5:1 in the CEB is interesting: Therefore, since we have been made righteous through his faithfulness combined with our faith,[a] we have peace with God through ourContinue reading “Common English Bible and Romans 5:1”

Common English Bible and the NIV — Long Term Strategies

I’ve probably shared this video before, but it deals with the CEB’s use of “Human One.” As I continue to use both the CEB and the NIV, I continue to think about how fast we think we need to change up translations. One interview I heard with a CEB official was a bit disappointing, butContinue reading “Common English Bible and the NIV — Long Term Strategies”

Can You Say THAT in the Bible?

Here’s a good verse in the Apocrypha, which is probably why it’s not in the Protestant Bible. 😉 People who are afraid to act  are like clumps of cow manure;     those who pick it up     will shake off their hand. (Sirach 22:2, CEB) A good mental picture that is hard to forget. Learn to get moving!Continue reading “Can You Say THAT in the Bible?”

Is He Indignant or Moved by Compassion?

I am a confessed translation junkie. As I read the Common English Bible and the NIV, I come across different ways certain phrases are turned. Mark 1:41 is a good example. The leper comes to Christ and says, “If you are willing you can make me clean.” The response is so interesting. CEB: 41 Incensed,[a]Continue reading “Is He Indignant or Moved by Compassion?”

From Sorcerer to Magic Arts to Drug Users

The end of Revelation is one of my favorite places to camp. I honestly love the entire Book of Revelation if I can read through it without the voices in my head. (You know: Tim LaHaye, Jack VanImpe, Hal Lindsey, etc.) In Rev. 22:15 I noticed different ways translations have tackled the Greek word pharmakosContinue reading “From Sorcerer to Magic Arts to Drug Users”

Where is God’s Chest?

3 God’s lamp hadn’t gone out yet, and Samuel was lying down in the LORD’s temple, where God’s chest was. (1 Sam. 3:3, CEB) It just begs a lot of questions… and images my mind shouldn’t conjure up when it comes to God. I know “ark” may be archaic, but it HAS to be betterContinue reading “Where is God’s Chest?”