The importance of the Old Testament to lead us to the cross

Jesus, on the road to Emmaus, opened up the Hebrew Scriptures to his fellow travelers, explaining how all that had proceeded was important to what had just happened. This is something that is constantly repeated in the New Testament.  Continue reading “The importance of the Old Testament to lead us to the cross”

Our struggle to defend the indefensible

Greg Boyd’s Crucifixion of the Warrior God brings to the table a discussion on the radical love of God AND dealing with the Old Testament texts dealing with the violence portrayed in God’s actions and orders. He doesn’t set aside the OT stories as simple myth. He wants to wrestle with the inspired text.

I have a long way to go in his monstrosity of a work, but want to reflect on how he deals with Augustine’s view of the love of God and violence. Augustine believed in the radical love of God but would embrace God’s violent actions in the OT as another form of love. (I guess it’s kind of warped view of “tough love” or something…) Continue reading “Our struggle to defend the indefensible”