The only time I feel comfortable writing those words without feeling like I’m cursing is when it has to do with a title. This one does.

It’s a new documentary coming out to limited screens, including one in my metro area. There will also be a follow up time with the filmmaker and local pastor Greg Boyd, who is in the documentary.

Mark Galli isn’t impressed with the film. For some reason he thinks the filmmaker leaves too many questions out there. For some reason Galli thinks the film isn’t decided about the issue. It IS decisive on the issue. All you have to do is watch clips of Mark Driscoll foaming at the mouth with his “classical” Reformed view of hell, then switch to a very calm, very sedated universalist who quietly explains his or her position and why it’s worth considering and you know exactly what the filmmaker thinks on this issue.

That said, it may be something worth watching and then discussing. The film opens Friday in a local Twin Cities theater, along with other limited showings across the country.

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