Kingdom power is NOT about this world’s power

We keep refusing to understand the kingdoms of this world in an unredeemed state don’t operate under what we want to have as “true morality.” I got another email about some legislation where we need to “pray this doesn’t pass.” I understand that, but to try and force a world power to act like the kingdom of God may or may not work. It’s uneven.

And WE operate IN this world, but it’s under the authority of the Kingdom of God. This should be why Christianity is truly a threat, especially in totalitarian regimes.

This longer post has a great discussion on the ACTION of the true Kingdom, but here is one good quote:

Kingdom of God, instead of aligning with already existing political powers, created a new kind of kingdom with a new king, a new rule and redemption, a new people, a new law and a new sense of place. The ethic of the kingdom is for those people living under that king not for the public sector living under other kings.

We need these reminders no matter where we are on the theological spectrum. I find “liberals” and “conservatives” constantly trying to make a secular government act like the Kingdom of God and both sides keep getting frustrated. Maybe we need to keep learning new lessons about the true Kingdom.

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