Quick Hits

There are moments of refreshing. Times when you are thankful for God’s grace in that moment.

There are moments when it is grace. You think, “Did someone take a break from bashing another person or organization? What got into them?” But it can happen.

Kristof and the NY Times took a break from bashing the Vatican to comment on the real work of the church in the Sudan.

I am reading Greg Boyd’s newest book, Present Perfect, and it’s like water to dry ground. He takes a break from theological musing to plunge into spiritual formation and those books always bring water to my soul. (I should have a review coming soon.)

The semester is finishing at the college where I am adjunct. While this semester has been tough, I have had some bright spots. While I am disappointed in the extreme lack of effort by some students, I am encouraged by the passion of others. Such is life.

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