100,000 in the time of coronavirus

Why we need lament: because no matter the bitter partisanship we have devolved to, we are nearing 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus. These are lives lost. Young to old. Poor to rich. Across all ethnic lines. These are lives to remember. These represent families with deep loss in this time of pandemic.

The New York Times put the names of those lost on their front page this weekend. We lament lives lost. We lament with the families who remain.

The New York Times dedicates Sunday front page solely to ...

Eternal memory.

Major shifts are magnified in the time of coronavirus

We are in the midst of the most widespread societal upheaval that many people alive today have ever experienced. Already our institutions, habits, relationships, and culture are shifting before our eyes. Frank M. Snowden, author of Epidemics and Society, shared with the New Yorker, “Epidemics are a category of disease that seem to hold up the mirror to human beings as to who we really are.” The question we are facing is not whether we will experience sorrow and change; the question is how. As biblical prophets walked with people through catastrophes, their advice was never to just endure until it ends. Instead they focused on proactively changing relationships with each other and with God. (More on this article HERE.)

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Hearts revealed in the time of coronavirus

Luke 8:4-15

How we are responding in the time of coronavirus is a revealing of how are hearts are responding to the word of the Lord to us.

The responses to the word in a tough time reveal our hearts. How we receive in “good times” is an indicator, but how we receive in “tough times” is another key indicator.

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Finding opposites to be true in the time of coronavirus

We live in Alabama so we had our first full day of some slight changes. All retail can open with restrictions on social distancing and capacity levels. Restaurants can’t have dine-in, no barbershops can open, nor can gyms. But the biggie for Alabama is the beaches opened today, but they are monitoring social distancing.

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Sabbath for nature in the time of coronavirus

We were able to visit the beach in Alabama last night. The governor relaxed orders on the beach, asking everyone to still be responsible in social distancing. Our family walked the shore of the Gulf at sunset.

The birds were feeding like crazy. We saw a lot of dolphins, baby sharks (just so THAT song gets stuck in your head like it has mine), sting rays, and more. Sea life is much closer to shore because the shore has been given a break. Nature has taken a sabbatical. It felt fresh.

In all our human grumbling and chafing and political posturing, have we rested?

I know I have twisted and squirmed and wrestled in this time. Yet, that walk at the shore calmed me. Nature had taken advantage of the sabbath rest. Have I?

Gulf Shore, Alabama