Binge watching in the time of coronavirus

My one victory in this time of coronavirus has been I have not seen one minute of “Tiger King.”

Otherwise, I’m just not going to brag on any discipline that has been developed well.

My wife and I are currently working our way back through the Marvel Comic Universe movies in some sense of chronological order.

WARNING: I am not posting this to argue the correct chronological order of Marvel movies. I will get details wrong in the movies, so I will not argue those, either. I’m just making an observation.

Last night of the “Age of Ultron.” We’ve also been binge watching a fun SyFy Channel series, “Warehouse 13.” So as we’re watching “Age of Ultron”, we’re commenting on snippets that had shades of “Star Wars,” “Warehouse 13”, and “I, Robot.”

And one particular theme/thought caught me that ran across several shows/movies: it is the thought that humanity is the problem and has to be dealt with in a severe way. Mainly… destroy them.

It starts off okay. It’s altruistic that Tony Stark wants to advance to Ultron because it will create a shield around the earth and protect the humans from outer space invasions. The problem being, the artificial intelligence determines it’s the humans who are a threat to everything else.

It was altruistic in I, Robot to build the AI named VIKI, until “she” determined humanity was just too stupid and would be better served if it was thinned out and her army of robots would take better control and “care” of the world.

It’s the Del Spooners and Captain Rogers of the world who know that humanity is flawed but you take your chances and don’t waste lives. Humanity is going to mess things up, but you work for what is good… what is “whole.”

We can have ideologies and put forward solutions that we think may save the world, but if that ultimately means, “Oh, sure, we’ll need to sacrifice a few thousands lives in the process to build a better world”… well, then it is time for the next human heroes to step up and insist on what is possible with humanity.

And that, friends, is my brain after binge watching. HELP!

closeup photo of white robot arm
Photo Credit: Franck V. on Unsplash

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