A lament for the American Church in the time of cornavirus

Over the last couple of years I have toyed around with a book. I have a working title: “Living in Babylon.” Last year I sat down and put all my notes together so I could have some sense of what I had studied over the 2-3 years I had been picking at it. As IContinue reading “A lament for the American Church in the time of cornavirus”

Analog Church in the time of coronavirus

I had the privilege of interviewing Jay Kim, author of Analog Church: Why we need real people, places, and things in the digital age from Intervarsity Press. I wanted to chat with him about the book coming out as the country was under a quarantine and needed to be more digital. It was a funContinue reading “Analog Church in the time of coronavirus”

Hard categories need breaking in the time of coronavirus

There are two books I am thankful for as they speak to a key issue of change in the time of coronavirus. One is The Way Up is Down by Marlena Graves. This is a book that will be releasing soon and I HIGHLY recommend you get it. She is a powerful writer and alsoContinue reading “Hard categories need breaking in the time of coronavirus”

Thoughts on mourning and loss in the time of coronavirus

Grief shows up in many ways. One way it may tend to show up is anger or rage. Since that is not easily recognized as “grief” in our culture, we tend to combat the rage or anger instead of stepping back to ask a few more questions. Grief over loss isn’t easily processed in ourContinue reading “Thoughts on mourning and loss in the time of coronavirus”

Intercession in the time of coronavirus

My reading has me moving through Numbers and Chapter 16 offers a powerful picture of what intercession looks like in the Kingdom of God. A plague was sweeping the camp of Israel and Moses instructed Aaron to take the censer and put fire from the altar in it. He was then to go out andContinue reading “Intercession in the time of coronavirus”