When did all this start? Losing time in the time of coronavirus

I’m starting to see people post how many days they’ve had “stay at home orders” in the U.S. I’m also seeing more and more apocalyptic prophecies from the fundamentalist corner of American Christianity… so some coronavirus vaccine shot will soon be the mark of the beast or something before too long.

I had to go back and look on my calendar, though. In Alabama, our church has not met for Sunday worship since March 1. That was our Alpha “Holy Spirit” weekend, which I was attending, so it’s been a bit longer for me personally. The next Sunday (March 8) worship was not held but the state was still not under a stay at home order. We had gone to Gulf Shores and walked the beach for the day.

Beaches in Alabama were closed March 19. Official stay at home orders came April 4-5. April 30 saw the end of some restrictions. The retail side of “reopening” has been uneven. The beaches seem to be doing okay as to social distancing.

So… who knows what day it is? No idea. It’s certainly been long enough that people are crying for their pursuit of haircuts and crazy theories on the end times are surfacing like crazy.

All good intentions are not lost. It’s easy to hone in on the conspiracy theories and mark of the beast guesses. But so many have taken the time to listen to the Spirit, wait on the Lord, and prepare for what it next for the culture and the Church.

Ignore the end times prophecy. Really. They’ll look as silly as “88 Reasons Why Jesus Will Come in 1988” in less time.

Open up and listen to what the Spirit has next. I’m ready for moving forward… but without the silly end time predictions.

person standing beside car
Photo credit: NICO BHLR at Unsplash

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