Finding opposites to be true in the time of coronavirus

We live in Alabama so we had our first full day of some slight changes. All retail can open with restrictions on social distancing and capacity levels. Restaurants can’t have dine-in, no barbershops can open, nor can gyms. But the biggie for Alabama is the beaches opened today, but they are monitoring social distancing.

I am finding some opposites in my life to be true right now because of the “stay at home” orders we’ve been under for a few weeks. I went to the Walmart in Gulf Shores today and it was markedly busier than anything I’ve experienced in weeks. No one was being disrespectful. People were keeping distances. A few were wearing masks (which is saying a LOT in Alabama). But the serious increase of people was a bit shocking.

A few weeks ago, walking into a crowded Walmart (much more crowded than what I experienced today) wasn’t anything. Today… I felt myself a bit unnerved.

I am finding some opposites to be true in my life which indicate that “re-entry” into a more full schedule will challenge me as the withdrawal challenged me a bit. We get used to “new normals” and then we switch again!

This will probably prove to be taxing on all of us. Our minds are tested.

Personally, this is a test of my spirit and my will. These are good opportunities to see how I need to keep working in particular areas of my life and let the Spirit keep molding me.

And, hey! Let’s be careful out there!

white red and yellow ceramic owl figurine
Photo credit: Evgeni Tcherkasski, Unsplash

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