Belief as Dementia, Evangelicals as Wimps, and HOW ABOUT THOSE TWINS

Leave it to The New York Times to equate religious belief with mild dementia. Check that. What they are really offended at is the thought of an intellectual having a Christian worldview. This must drive them nuts. We live in a day when David Letterman can confess on air to having multiple affairs with staffContinue reading “Belief as Dementia, Evangelicals as Wimps, and HOW ABOUT THOSE TWINS”

The Terrorism Without… and Within

It is rare that I interact politically on this blog. I’ve done it, I’m sure, but most of the time when I make a political comment, it’s on my Facebook page or somewhere else. However, I cannot leave a couple of news items alone. The first is the terrorism without. Thomas Friedman wrote a columnContinue reading “The Terrorism Without… and Within”

American Christianity, Patriotism, and Misused Bible Verses

I struggle with stories like this one where it seems so silly to ban Bible verses. Yet, when I read how they used a verse, I get frustrated as well: One of the signs that was banned from the football field was a “run-through” banner displayed before a game on Sept. 18. It read: “IContinue reading “American Christianity, Patriotism, and Misused Bible Verses”

Dan Brown and His Love for Spiritualism

I have yet to read Dan Brown’s latest. It’s not that I won’t. When The Davinci Code became so hot, I read it. I loved the pace, keeping in mind it was fiction. However, people were drawn into the conversation about Church History and the discussions went beyond the style of the book. Dan BrownContinue reading “Dan Brown and His Love for Spiritualism”


We interrupt this blog for an important breaking news bulletin: Starbucks is going INSTANT. Yes, you heard that right. They are going to peddle (I shudder at the thought) instant coffee. When I first got into “real” coffee years ago I read Howard Schultz’s book on the founding of Starbucks. He was such a purist.Continue reading “This Just In… THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!”

Peace in the Middle East

I am a political person to the core. I can talk politics all day long. So… I avoid it. There are just too many other things going on, so I want to focus more on theology, spiritual formation, etc. Theologically, the whole realm of “end times theology” is a massive heap of varied opinions. So,Continue reading “Peace in the Middle East”

Church Fights You Can’t Quite Believe…

There are church fights, and then there are church fights. Sometimes there is a dispute that causes one to truly think about the issues. This one baffled me a bit. Tullian Tchividjian, Billy Graham’s grandson, was elected new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian where D. James Kennedy had been pastor for many years. This storyContinue reading “Church Fights You Can’t Quite Believe…”