Things That Make Me Go… “HUH?”

The first thing actually makes me yell at the radio. There is no “huh?” about it.

The media keeps insisting “the taxpayers” own 60 plus percent of GM. That ridiculous statement just needs to stop. The government owns 60 plus percent of GM. And don’t even try to say, “The government is the people…”

If I owned any shares in GM, I would be expecting dividends or profit/loss statements. If I decided this share wasn’t performing well enough, I could sell it. But as a taxpayer, what input do I have as to the holding of this stock? None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

The second thing really did make me go, “Huh?”

Ben Utecht, former tight end for the Minnesota Gophers and former NFL player, was on the radio talking about concussions. He’s had quite a few and the last one seemed to end his NFL career. In the interview he talked about how he wished he had heard more information about head injuries while he was playing. He may have taken a different approach to the game, or even thought about getting out earlier. He spoke honestly about wanting to have a productive life beyond football so he needed to get out while his brain was still basically located inside his head and somewhat attached.

Then, the interviewer asked him, “If you had a son, would you discourage him from playing football, knowing what you know?”

Utecht adamantly said he would ALLOW his son to play football because it teaches so much about character, etc.


Too many hits to ol’ noggin there, Ben!

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