Do We Have Too Much Time on Our Hands?

When we get into these disagreements over Arminian and Calvinist theologies, is it because we have so much time on our hands? Would a little persecution be helpful? It just might pull us all together again, in my view.

It’s not so much having discussions about differences, but it is really aggravating when someone just says a position in one of these two camps is unbiblical.

I would suppose that would be a time to answer such a silly position, so fortunately someone did, and quite well.

But I would prefer we’d just realize there aren’t any easy answers and we might all, in fact, just be in the Kingdom of God! Thankfully, someone did that as well.

I am not nearly as articulate as any of the ones I linked to. I am here to simply say, as I would to my boys when they were younger, “Knock it off.” We need to learn a bigger Kingdom view and we are all actually in Christ here.

4 thoughts on “Do We Have Too Much Time on Our Hands?

  1. I agree we. tend to get into these discussions because we do have too much time on our hands. The sign of our redemption comes in the form of works Christ tireless work as the conquering servant should keep us busy and aware of the pressing problems of the unbelieving world. We can leave the issue of atonement to God. Only God knows who is in the light and who isn’t.

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