More on Healthcare “Reform”

I have a tab on this blog with more thoughts on healthcare “reform,” but I needed to add this update from Chuck Colson. I know there are people applauding this legislation. It’s becoming the liberal version of “patriotism.” Remember the “old days” of the Iraq War when the liberals got upset when Republicans challenged theirContinue reading “More on Healthcare “Reform””

Yawning at the Word

Mark Galli has an excellent piece at We are so easily BORED with the Word these days. What is our problem? This paragraph is challenging to me: Whenever the Bible is read, a hush should come over us. We should be inching toward the edge of our seats, leaning forward, turning our best earContinue reading “Yawning at the Word”

The New American “Christianity”, Part 2

The article regarding this new moralistic deism had an interesting paragraph: All this means is that teenagers have been listening carefully. They have been observing their parents in the larger culture with diligence and insight. They understand just how little their parents really believe and just how much many of their churches and Christian institutionsContinue reading “The New American “Christianity”, Part 2″

The New American “Christianity”?

This study was done some time back, but a post by a friend on Facebook alerted me to this study. The new religion is called “Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.” As described by Smith and his team, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism consists of beliefs like these: 1. “A god exists who created and ordered the world and watchesContinue reading “The New American “Christianity”?”

The Heavenly Experiment — Realizing Our New DNA

I can completely understand the temptation to spend the majority of our Christian lives in the epistles. They are straight to the point, we have little in the way of cultural barriers, and we can go easily to application. Since I am teaching Prison Epistles this semester, I am immersed in some the greatest doctrineContinue reading “The Heavenly Experiment — Realizing Our New DNA”