Does this gospel really mean anything to anyone? So many Christians I am associated with right now seem to be name only Christians. Applying the Bible to ANY part of their life is almost foreign to them. They have no desire to be around the Body of Christ. There aren’t any real spiritual connections. IContinue reading

One of the central issues in making Christ the center is his view of the poor. Jesus spent his time with the poor. As Pentecostals, we need to regain the Kingdom view on the poor. Too often we are ready to blame liberals, or the “system”, or lack of family values. We do not graspContinue reading

The challenge of Christ being the center cannot be avoided. In the Gospel of Mark, there are two stories of blind men being healed. The first one in Mark 8 is followed by the great confession of Peter. He answers the question everyone of us must answer concerning Jesus. “Who do YOU say that IContinue reading

We are so easily susceptible to being hypocrites. In the 90’s we were all over Clinton for parsing “is”. But when the shoe seems to fit on the Republican operatives…well… we seem to play that “is” game as good as Clinton. It seems Karl Rove leaked information regarding a CIA operative, but didn’t actually “nameContinue reading

The Supreme Court nomination battle will begin to heat up. Sandra Day O’Connor has retired, opening up new battle grounds for “conservatives” and “liberals”. Liberals, of course, want someone to interpet the Constituion their way. Conservatives, astoundingly, want the same! What is atrocious is the thought that the Supreme Court is supposed to “unite us”.Continue reading

While I was visiting my parents this past weekend, we enjoyed being in their church. It is also the church Terri and I planted back in 1989. During the worship service they actually sang a hymn! (This is rare in that church these days, as I understand it.) They were having a great time singing,Continue reading

The issue of eminent domain and the recent Supreme Court decision has a chilling effect on non-profit organizations and their property. If a city needs to increase their revenue and a developer would like some land, what better source than property that currently does not pay any taxes? Some churches with “prime locations” are notContinue reading

What marks us other than the very presence of God? When Moses intereceded on Israel’s behalf in Exodus 33, he told God he would not move any farther unless the presence of God went with them. “For how shall it be known that I have found favor in your sight, I and your people? IsContinue reading

What does a life centered on Christ look like? If Christ IS my center, what DOES matter? I can think of things that would probably matter LESS. However, what really does matter in Christ-centered living? Dallas Willard’s goal is a good one, I think. The question is not so much, “What would Jesus do?”, butContinue reading

In a Supreme Court decision today, the Court ruled in favor of cities being able to condemn property for more “advantageous” development. For instance, in our own Twin Cities area, Best Buy corporation wanted to relocate to Richfield. To do so, the city of Richfield bought out several businesses and houses to make room forContinue reading