“I want you to know how hard I am contending for you…” (Col. 2:1).

Paul is referring to a great struggle. This has been brought home more to me this week and I need to wake up even more in my prayer life. There is a generation to contend for in our lives. My two younger sons are in high school. Other friends of mine who have kids the same age are facing struggles. We can call them “normal teenage years” and normal “teenage stuff.” But it’s more than that. This is personal. So, I contend. I struggle in prayer for God to do something magnificent in my boys.

I also contend for others. There are kids I know who are children of promise. Born out in miraculous circumstances. Now, they are in a precarious place in their lives. I need to contend for them in prayer. I don’t let it pass off as “teenage years.” Not now.

There are children yet to be born. Children of promise. This is serious stuff. It’s not “normal pregnancy” stuff. These are the promises of God and I must contend for those promises.

Paul contended for his churches. He struggled in prayer even for believers he had not met. He didn’t chalk up issues to “normal church struggles.” For him, it was war. Prayer was the main weapon. He contended.

I must contend for this next generation. As I teach, as I raise my kids, and I pray, I contend for their lives, their hopes, their place in the Kingdom of God.

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