Add to your goodness knowledge

The word for knowledge here is different from Peter’s use of knowledge earlier. This use of knowledge is one that is more general. This word is used for general knowledge of the faith.

Colossians 2:3 speaks of all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge being hidden in Christ. When we KNOW CHRIST, we discover true wisdom and knowledge. This is a journey that can’t be exhausted. In fact, if we begin with the general knowledge of Christ in this verse, over time we will find we KNOW Christ, as Peter uses the word in verse 3.

What mattered to Paul more than anything? In Philippians 3:8 it was knowing Christ. My walk with Christ needs this continuing education piece. I have found the more I dig into the Word, the more I am propelled into a life of prayer. My thirst for knowing Christ goes far beyond filling my head with facts about his deity, his humanity, his sacrifice, etc. I have a drive in me in that rises up and calls out to truly know him in a way that gets into my heart and spirit.

Line upon line, precept upon precept… Lord, let me know you more today.

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