2 Peter and the Call to Spiritual Formation

The first chapter of 2 Peter (one of the letters we are reading this week) calls us walk in spiritual formation. We need to learn to build spiritual character in our lives. Spiritual disciplines aid us in this walk. QUESTION: What do you know… what have you learned… in the area of spiritual formation? ForContinue reading “2 Peter and the Call to Spiritual Formation”

All is Ours

Having the understanding that “all is ours” in Christ needs to be held in balance with the understanding that it is not a life free of obstacles. In fact, the obstacles test that understanding that “all is ours.” Our faith (given to us by Christ, not earned) is then revealed as precious gold. That balanceContinue reading “All is Ours”

All You Need is Love…

Peter waits until the last characteristic to put in LOVE. He starts with faith… ends with love. Why? This kind of love is the toughest things we’ll ever have and do in our lives. Only God brings it and we can only live in this power through the Spirit of God. When we live unselfishly,Continue reading “All You Need is Love…”

Add in Self-Control

As I work my way through the characteristics of 2 Peter 1:5-7, this is one where I feel like writing, “I’ll get back to you on this one.” This word carries the connotation of one who has mastered their desires. The word refers to sensual desires. Not just sexual desires, but anything to do withContinue reading “Add in Self-Control”