Make Every Effort…

2 Peter 1:5ff

I have challenged my church to take one of the characteristics listed in 2 Peter 1:5-7 and meditate on it each day this next week. We don’t have to do one a day. If it takes two days, or a week, it’s okay. The goal is to see what happens when we “make every effort” to add something good into our lives.

Every day I want to add in some thoughts from each characteristic in these verses. A good resource to use is the NET Bible website. The verse listed here can be compared to other translations, then there is a tab marked “Commentaries” that is actually a cross-reference system. It’s not the best system in use but all you have to do is scroll over the verse reference and the verse will pop up for you to read. Then you can see if it’s relevant to the word you are studying.

For FAITH, I found a lexicon definition stating faith was the conviction of the truth of anything. Specifically for Christians, it’s holding to the truth of the claims of Christ.

When we study FAITH, we should end up in Hebrews 11. In v. 6 it says without faith it is impossible to please God. All through this chapter is the lesson of ACTION. When Abraham believed God, he acted.

We start with faith. We hear the call of God and respond. May our lives be filled with FAITH. Let us hear the call of God and respond.

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