All You Need is Love…

Peter waits until the last characteristic to put in LOVE. He starts with faith… ends with love. Why? This kind of love is the toughest things we’ll ever have and do in our lives. Only God brings it and we can only live in this power through the Spirit of God.

When we live unselfishly, working for the good of others, bearing burdens in prayer for others, living in kindness, (and the list goes on)… we’ll know love.

All of these characteristics are vital. The call is great. We are called to partake in the divine nature. These qualities are essential. We don’t just get them and then check them off our list. We GROW in them. We become productive and fruitful (v. 8). Without them, we are blind (v. 9).

Is Christ worth it? Really. Is HE worth it? The question can’t be, “Is it worth to me?” We would give up to easily. Is HE worth this pursuit? Is Jesus great? Then join this journey.

“For if you do these things you will never stumble” (v. 10b).

The journey is a high calling. We have a high calling, but we have the divine power to reach this calling.

Happy climbing.

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