Why “CRT” is the new conservative Christian boogeyman

David French gets at fundamental issues with how CRT has become the new dog whistle for conservative Christians.

Note this: he makes the bold claim that the definition of CRT was fundamentally and intentionally changed by conservative activists to encompass and enormous number of arguments and ideas about race, including arguments and ideas that have nothing to do with CRT.

This is self-evident in the avalanche of legislation that happened at state levels in the past year that didn’t target CRT but made sure our nostalgic view of American history was going to be kept front and center in our classrooms. It was about the continual whitewashing of American history and CRT was simply the dog whistle.

French doesn’t let up:

…the result is that large numbers of Christians who now hear unfamiliar or unpopular arguments about race not only think those ideas are “CRT” but also that they’re positively unchristian and poisonous to their souls.

Please let that settle in. Please.

We have allowed our souls to be poisoned because there is a deeper fear residing within us. We have not dealt with that fear so we allow outside forces that are not Christian dictate our “Christian” response. The result is poisonous.

French’s article is a tough read. That is at it SHOULD be. This is all nuanced and difficult and takes time. What we do NOT do these days is take our time with a matter. We hear something from a source that causes us to fear… and that is enough for us.

At a time when we should, as believers, be more open to the voices of those who have suffered wrong we are all about closing our minds again.

I will continue to pound this drum: the pejorative use of “woke” and “CRT” in conservative Christian circles is nothing more than using those words to replace the “N” word. It is racist and we need to repent.

But… read David French. Dive into the nuance. Please. THINK.

More HERE.

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