Holy Week

We are about to enter Holy Week in the Church. This marks the most powerful week to commemorate in the life of the Church. It is time to follow him into the hardest places to find the deepest power.

It it time to sit with him as he looks over the city of Jerusalem and weeps. He know what he is about to endure will bring hope to the world, but also severe judgment on Israel. They had not paid attention. They had rejected God, the prophets, and now him. What was ahead for Israel wouldn’t be a surprise.

We need to weep not over “America” but the the American church. We have failed and are in need of repentance. It hasn’t come. The Lord has called out constantly to the American church and the invitation is always to mercy. Our response has been an arrogant, “Repent for for what?”

We have not seen our sin. We have not grieved over past sin. We are so individualistic, we have missed the community and allowed ourselves to think, “Well, I didn’t do any of that, so I am good with God.”

We need to follow Jesus to that hill and weep.

It is time to have him cleanse our house. He cleansed the Temple, driving out those who wanted to keep making the Temple a symbol for nationalism. We need our house cleaned out of white nationalism. Christian nationalism.

But, like the money changers in the Temple, we will probably set things right back up the way they were and keep on going the way we’ve been going.

We need Holy Week. We need this walk year after year because we need our pride and ego dealt with year after year. We need the Kingdom, its values, and its power in our hearts and minds.

Cleanse the American Church, O Lord. We are in need.

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