I will not cease to call for repentance

A year ago there was hope. The shock of Ahmaud Arbery’s mugging, then Breonna Taylor, and then George Floyd provided a time when there was hope that white evangelical America was actually listening. I loaned out books. I bought books for others. I invited folks into conversation.

Then… well, we got tired. White fatigue set back in.

Yet, I will not cease to call for repentance and provide space to remind us that we need not go down this road.

What road?

The road to Babylon. Our Babylonian captivity. We will be in exile. Yet, I put these things out in hopes something will happen down the road much like Jeremiah putting his words into the spiritual atmosphere so Daniel would read them decades later.

This particular post has a long list of books to read and learn. Many of them I have read.

This particular quote stood out to me from the post:

How has Christianity become so artificial, even to the point of girding up a murderous, vigilante mob? How can we let this happen again in our world today?

Our Christianity needs to be set free from nationalism, greed, materialism, and so many more “isms.”

So… when you wake up, it is my hope you find this post and others like it and “pick up and read.”

Buying books at a bookstore

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