Generosity and “Last Third” living

I write this to my future self (meaning I am putting this entry in at the end of July to be posted September 1). I am still reflecting on the “last third” of my life and how I want that journey to look. One BIG area I want in my life is the ability toContinue reading “Generosity and “Last Third” living”

Not being a fiction reader, I savored this book

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry My rating: 5 of 5 stars I started into the Lonesome Dove series a couple of years back on Audible. They were long and I was driving long trips, so it fit. I was hooked. The story was amazing. The stories of a brutal frontier, the luck of two men,Continue reading “Not being a fiction reader, I savored this book”

We tend to think “theology” and it’s really, too often, “white theology”

Theological frameworks have a tendency to get stuck. My own frameworks certainly have gone through that hardening over time. I need to realize my framework is certainly ONE framework, but not the only framework. In the past few years it has led to an expansion of theological voices in my life. Mainly at this pointContinue reading “We tend to think “theology” and it’s really, too often, “white theology””

The Pharisee in me

“We don’t usually want to be Pharisees. But we all want to feel like Pharisees — standing on solid statements, having a place from which to argue. Given the choice between knowledge and life we prefer knowledge. It’s how Adam and Eve chose their fruit. We’ve been choosing the same fruit ever since.” — MandyContinue reading “The Pharisee in me”

I will not cease to call for repentance

A year ago there was hope. The shock of Ahmaud Arbery’s mugging, then Breonna Taylor, and then George Floyd provided a time when there was hope that white evangelical America was actually listening. I loaned out books. I bought books for others. I invited folks into conversation. Then… well, we got tired. White fatigue setContinue reading “I will not cease to call for repentance”

Author Interview with Traci Rhoades

This was a life-giving conversation about the Church and how we can learn so much as we listen and observe. Click HERE for the podcast. Please visit Traci at her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook. You can purchase her book HERE. You can also visit my YouTube channel to see the videoContinue reading “Author Interview with Traci Rhoades”