Quit talking about “servant leaders”!

This piece from Mark Galli at Christianity Today is a soul cry for me. It resonates so deeply.

I am exhausted to the point of grief over the phrase “servant leader” because the context of that phrase isn’t reflective of the term at all.

We say “servant leaders” but that means, too often, dynamic, business savvy leaders who can lead our church into the numbers we desire. (And all the while, we say “numbers don’t matter”, which is said by a megachurch pastor standing on a megachurch stage talking to pastors of smaller churches. Why do we still by that incongruous picture?)

If your church wants the CEO… ask for it. But don’t throw in “pastor” as a job description… and don’t expect it.

As Galli writes: “Maybe it’s time for us to put the pastoral dimension of all Christian leadership in the driver’s seat and let the CEO dimension sit in the back.”

We have clear warnings all around us (Mark Driscoll, Bill Hybles, James MacDonald, and a much longer list).

But could we at least drop the pretentious “servant leader”?

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