Over the years what I have always read about, heard about, and believed was Billy Graham had a way to proclaim Christ and be a friend of high powered people without having much of a political agenda.

Then I came across a documentary on a Catholic priest named Theodore Hesburgh. It was unreal how he influenced major government decisions across the board, from Civil Rights to nuclear treaties to the Vietnam War.

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Spiritual Leadership — The Prayer Life

On a retreat this past week, the Lord walked me through several New Testament letters, but he had me plant myself in 2 Timothy the most. There are some great thoughts on spiritual leadership I will build on. To be honest, it was also a brutal walk through a letter for me. It was personal and the Spirit really had to deal with me severely on some personal issues.  Read more

Thoughts on leadership

This weekend we were part of our church district’s Equip Conference and I came away with some incredible thoughts to evaluate where I am in leading others. I love pastoring and I am constantly evaluating how I am doing in leading others as a pastor.  Read more


Over my years of ministry we have longed ceased in my circles to call it “pastoring.” We have called it “leadership.” Pastors do indeed lead, but the way we have come to train ministers isn’t in the style of pastoring that has a leadership component. Read more