Leadership thoughts along the way today



Key relationships and multiplication

I’ve thought about, taught about, and written a bit on key relationships. I have thought about key influencers in my own life.

The key to multiplication and significance is found in relationships. Who am I learning from? Who I am pouring into?

Who are my spiritual fathers and mothers? I have two lists going currently. I have a list of those who have been foundational to my life and ministry. They may not be around any longer, but they formed me early on. Then, there are those who are influencing me now.

Who am I spiritual father to? Who do I give my time to? What am I imparting to them?

We need intentional relationships to develop significant lives. Learn from one another. Pour into others. Let it be multiplied over time.

Turning bitter to sweet

In 2 Kings 2 there is the story of Elisha and the bitter water. There was a place where he lived and the water was poisonous. It was not safe. (Who knew Elisha visited Flint, Michigan?)

Elisha had the inquirers put salt into a jar and toss the salt into the water. The water became “sweet”, or life giving, again.

We may face situations that are poisonous. We face a tough work situation, family situation, church situation and the waters are poisonous. Nothing good is happening. The question becomes, “Can the bitter become sweet?”

It is easy to join the bitter. It is prophetic to turn the bitter into sweet.

This is not about ignoring the poison. It is about changing the poison. It takes a prophetic, Spirit-filled leader to bring that kind of change.

Be that kind of leader. 


  1. We must be deep in Christ. When we are deep in him, sweet “water” can flow from us. If we are not plunging the depths of Christ ourselves, the bitterness can infect us. We have two ways to grow: grow into bitterness, or grow into a sweet depth of Christ. It is easier to grow in bitterness if the sweet depth of Christ is not there first.
  2. Through the Spirit, we are enabled to see what is POSSIBLE. Elisha could see what was possible even though the presence situation was bad.
  3. Prophetic action may seem “salty” at times. I’m just using the picture from the story, but there are answers to turn a situation around that aren’t always “tasty.” Sometimes the prophetic action seems “salty,” or abrasive, or rude, or doesn’t correlate to the end result. But, the prophetic leader follows the lead of the Spirit, acts, and the result is life.

When we came to our current ministry 18 years ago, the waters weren’t “sweet.” Over the process we’ve seen the Lord turn possible bitterness into sweet waters of life. We’ve had to be “salty” at times as leaders. But as we’ve dug roots of ministry here, leadership has become so deep in Christ, there abides a life-giving element of leadership that pushes out all attempts of poison.

Life is possible. Change is possible. We don’t have to abide in bitterness. We don’t have to ignore the poisonous situation. We can bring the change needed.

Questions on influence

In the past week I’ve been looking back (again) at the voices that have influenced my life as a minister, as a believer, as a person.

Two big questions:

  1. What are the top 5 books that have deeply impacted your life as a leader and/or believer?
  2. Who are the top ten influencers in your life?

I am challenged in both questions to keep my numbers DOWN. I can list so many more books and so many more people.

Who is helping YOU grow in life? How is that happening on an intentional basis?