Thoughts on leadership

This weekend we were part of our church district’s Equip Conference and I came away with some incredible thoughts to evaluate where I am in leading others. I love pastoring and I am constantly evaluating how I am doing in leading others as a pastor. 

Scott Hagan, the president-elect of North Central University, spoke on “Poetic Leadership” and those quick thoughts are points of reflection for me.

At the end of Paul’s life, in 2 Timothy, there are some phrases Hagan used to reflect on where Paul was as a leader at the end of his life.

Relational Resilience. 

He asked for John Mark. He had been mad at John Mark early in ministry. Now, he says John Mark is useful to him.

There are times when things don’t go right in a ministry relationship. Things get said and I wonder if I can “get them back.” I long to make things right. There are times we are seasoned by life and people we thought were too “flaky” to make it have learned to mature as well. Over time, do I get less consumed with my “position” and more consumed by who I am in Christ?

Shared Influence. 

A couple of quick thoughts here:

Paul let others succeed. He lifted others up and gave them space.

Key thought: No one’s success is stealing my potential. Celebrate everyonewin!

Physical and Emotional Durability. 

I am SO glad I have been steady at getting back into the gym this year. It’s easier hearing this point knowing I am staying at a life of physical fitness. It’s not my goal to get so absorbed in working out that I get out of balance on making other people do it!

But if I am going to have a ministry that is ongoing, my body has to be ready! Getting back to workouts has been such a huge help to me. It’s not easy at my age, but I simply have to do my part to make sure my body isn’t the excuse for stopping! There is a long haul to the ministry and my body and my mind need to stay sharp.

Professional aspiration. 

Paul talked about bringing the books. There is a thirst in leaders to keep on learning. I have to keep growing. I try to keep reading difficult books (at least to me) so I can keep stretching in my thinking.

Spiritual vitality. 

Paul asked for the parchments. Hagan related that to spiritual reading. I need to learn from the “masters” who have gone before.

I am working through a book that took excerpts from Pope John Paul II’s spiritual journals. They are notes from his times at prayer retreats over the many years of ministry. From his time as a bishop to his time as pope. The spiritual hunger in his life is staggering. It draws me.

These are good markers for me. I want to get them jotted down and in a place where I can reflect on them regularly. How am I doing as a leader? I need those tough questions in my life.



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