There are churches, thousands of them all over the world, full of incredibly brave people. They aren’t always celebrated. Sometimes they are “large” in number, but don’t have very good tech people who give them a web presence and “platform.” That would be because they exist in countries outside the U.S., where it’s not as big a deal to think about “platform.” They just do the work of the Kingdom.

Then, there are other churches who don’t get noticed but are brave as well.

Churches that worship deeply.

Churches that engage the culture.

Churches that love people… period.

Churches that bring wholeness to the community around them.

There are incredibly brave churches all over the world doing incredible work day in and day out. No big videos that go viral. No big Tweets that get reshared. Just incredibly brave people doing incredibly brave work on a constant basis.

Thank you, Lord, for the reminder of brave churches.


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