Longing for Passion Week

Last Sunday in worship I realized how long Lent really was, even though I’ve worked to walk through Lent the last several years. The liturgy on Sunday in the Anglican Church amplifies that longing. We don’t sing as many songs. The songs are more “mournful” in a way. Lent gets long and I’m thinking, “Wow! Could we hurry this up?”

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and I find myself longing for Passion Week, even though it is the height of mourning. That’s because we will get to Resurrection.

Yet, I have to walk through that Passion. We all do. We have to face the Cross.

My reading in Mark 10:35-45 reflects the frustration we all have I. Some way with the Cross. Sometimes we just don’t get it. Here is a thought from NT Wright’s commentary on Mark that makes the point:

“James and John want to turn Jesus’ messianic journey to Jerusalem into a march to glory—a glory in which they will sit on either side of him when he reigns as king. They have clearly heard all the language about suffering, death and rising again simply as a set of pictures, perhaps meaning ‘It’s going to be tough, but we’re going to come out on top.’ But the cross is not, for Jesus or for Mark, a difficult episode to be got through on the way to a happy ending. It is precisely God’s way of standing worldly power and authority on its head. When, at the end of this passage, Jesus quotes the servant song (‘… to give his life as a ransom for many’), he is making the point, with which Isaiah would have emphatically agreed, that the kingdom of God turns the world’s ideas of power and glory upside down and inside out.”

Lord, we need our ideas of “power” and “rights” flipped on their heads. It is your Kingdom, not ours. Crush my ideas of power. Renew our vision of the Cross. Lead us there. I long for your work in my life. Amen.

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