Jesus knows what holds us back

In Mark 10:17-22 we have the story of the rich young man coming to Jesus and asking what he needs to do to inherit eternal life. He finds out that it is more than checking off a pretty good list.

He had indeed done all that Jesus said initially. Jesus knows one more thing. And Jesus tells him that one thing because he loved him (v. 21).

Jesus know our “one thing”. He knows what truly holds us back from following him and stepping into eternal living. Just at the moment we’re feeling pretty good about checking off an impressive list, Jesus says, “Okay, one more thing…”

He doesn’t say it as a “gotcha”. He says it because he loves us. He knows what needs to go before each of us is ready to fully follow him.

The Master knows what we need. Our need is to listen… and obey.

Lord, you truly know what holds me back. In love, you ask me to surrender so I can step into eternal living. I cannot hold back. I cannot be disheartened. You ask me to do these things because of love. Let me walk in eternal living. Amen.

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