The way home for the American Church

As surely as there will be messed up theology and practice in the Church, there is a marked way home. Our challenge is to follow it. That’s hard because it’s not the dynamic way. It’s not full of light shows and professional music and polished communicators.

The way home (2 Tim. 3:10ff) is the way of discipleship. It is the way of discipline. It is to steadily teach truth… and model truth. It is to endure in this world and to be honest with followers of Christ that endurance is needed (and not endurance for that extreme sports event you’re going to blast across social media).

The way home is “continue is what you have learned.” Here is the question: Have you learned Christ?

The question is not, “Have you learned to diet well?” The question is not, “Have you taken our financial freedom course?” The question is not, “Are you following us on Facebook?”

The question is have you learned CHRIST?

Have I, in my life, demonstrated to you the joy of knowing Christ? If I have not, I need to beg your forgiveness and seek a way to show you Christ.

The way home is not the next “hot” series. It is the steady walk of discipleship. It is spiritual formation together. It is the long, difficult walk of being convinced of the beauty of Christ and determining to follow him in a steady pattern of growth. This is the beauty of liturgy I have personally found. It allows for a steady growth over years. It allows for a soaking in so our spirits are trained. And it is done together.

Lord, anchor us IN YOU. And let us journey together. Let us not live from one “hot topic” to the next. Let us live daily in the joy of getting to know you. Let us LEARN CHRIST. Amen.

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