Yesterday I was in prayer for the American Church. I had read in Mark 11 about Jesus cursing the fig tree and cleansing the Temple, and I was grieved for the Church once again.

On my drive yesterday afternoon I listened to this episode of The Holy Post Podcast (put on by Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, and Skye Jethani). Skye’s interview with Julie Roys on the “Evangelical Industrial Complex” (beginning around the 41 minute mark) hit home as to what troubles me in the American Church.

Then… to hear about the burning of Notre Dame in Paris… and the symbolism it created in my spirit…

We are in a precarious place in the American Church and we have refused to recognize our sin. We are in trouble. This Holy Week, May we come in repentance to the Cross and experience true resurrection this season.

2 thoughts on “Confronting the issues of the American Conservative Church

  1. I too had similar thoughts about the burning of Notre Dame and that state of religion in the world. What gave me hope was it appears that a number of the great artworks and relics/artifacts were saved. This I also see as being very symbolic of the future

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