Greg Boyd’s book, The Crucifixion of the Warrior God, moves toward Boyd’s particular view of the “Cruciform Hermeneutic.” But before he gets to that… 

He reviews six particular views that bring the theology of the cross to the place where Boyd will then build to his own particular hermeneutic. (I know it is necessary to build the case for a position. But it sure takes a long time! I am toward the end of the FIRST volume!)

He uses Thomas Torrance to begin developing the hermeneutic and the Torrance quotes are beautiful. More and more I am unpacking what it means to have the cross at the center of my theology.

The main point for Torrance was we must never separate the words of Scripture from the revelatory and redemptive work of Christ which is thematically centered on the cross. All Scripture ultimately points to Christ and the end result is that Scripture ultimately points to Christ crucified.

Boyd’s point in using Torrance is to demonstrate that God is willing to stoop out of love to communicate as clearly as possible his faithful covenantal love. He will do all that is necessary to redeem his fallen people.

It’s the power of the cross. My prayer continues to be, “Let it work in me!”


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