Larry the Cucumber and Illegal Immigration

My kids grew up on Veggie Tales. It was a series of videos using vegetable characters like Larry the Cucumber. One of the creators of the show, Phil Vischer, now has a podcast that mixes his crazy ADHD comments and some serious discussion on current issues in culture with an evangelical Christian perspective.

His latest podcast included an interview with Liz Dong and raises again the incredible misunderstanding we often have when it comes to immigration issues.

During the last election cycle, I would consistently raise issues on immigration and get chided. Someone finally mentioned that when it came to Christians, it’s not immigration that’s the problem, it’s illegal immigration.

Liz Dong demonstrates what happens when we try to give simple answers to complex issues. Liz Dong came to the U.S. with her mom. Due to a series of issues that you need to read about and listen to, Liz Dong, an evangelical Christian, is an illegal immigrant going through her master’s program in Chicago and also working for World Relief.

We can see, “Hey, it’s not about immigration, it’s about illegal immigration,” but when it’s one of our “tribe”, we end up finding another nuance.

Her story is worth getting to know.

The podcast is HERE and worth the time to listen.

You can read a column she wrote HERE.

If you can spare two minutes, watch this video.

We are simply better off as believers if we will take more time to learn and less time to simply react off emotional campaign slogans.


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