Don’t stay empty

The journey of Lent is one that should be inward. As western Christians, we don’t “do inward” very well. We don’t like silence a lot, either.

Protestant emphasis, beginning so nobly in the early Luther, has grown externally rationalistic, humanistic, and service-minded… The dearth of rich Protestant literature on the interior aspect of Christian living, except as it bears on the opening experience of conversion, bears testimony to its emphasis being elsewhere. — Thomas Kelly, A Testament of Devotion 

Don’t allow the noise and busyness of our day keep us running on empty in our spiritual tanks.

Reflect on your day before you turn out the light.

Give thanks for the day ahead as you wake up.

Find Scripture portions to sink into and stay there as you dwell on the richness of God’s Word. I am currently doing this with Romans 8. I am not doing so well at memorization, so I am practicing Lectio Divina through this chapter over and over, allowing the deep truths to sink into my heart.

Don’t go through this Lenten season without an examination of the heart! Don’t run on empty!

CLICK HERE for a place to find daily Scripture reading.

CLICK HERE for devotionals to have sent to you daily during Lent.

Allow your spirit to be renewed in the journey.

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