No rights we claim as the people of God

No rights they might claim protect this community of strangers in the world. Nor do they claim any such rights, for they are the meek, who renounce all rights of their own for the sake of Jesus Christ. When they are berated, they are quiet. When violence is done to them, they endure it. WhenContinue reading “No rights we claim as the people of God”

Don’t stay empty

The journey of Lent is one that should be inward. As western Christians, we don’t “do inward” very well. We don’t like silence a lot, either. Protestant emphasis, beginning so nobly in the early Luther, has grown externally rationalistic, humanistic, and service-minded… The dearth of rich Protestant literature on the interior aspect of Christian living,Continue reading “Don’t stay empty”

Beginning the journey of Lent

 Seek the Lord and live,         or else God might rush like a fire against the house of Joseph.         The fire will burn up Bethel, with no one to put it out. (Amos 5:6) We begin with Ash Wednesday. It is a time to seek the Lord. Amos was written to a nation in prosperity, butContinue reading “Beginning the journey of Lent”