Beginning the journey of Lent

 Seek the Lord and live,
        or else God might rush like a fire against the house of Joseph.
        The fire will burn up Bethel, with no one to put it out. (Amos 5:6)

We begin with Ash Wednesday. It is a time to seek the Lord. Amos was written to a nation in prosperity, but spiritually they were in a spiritual death spiral. Too often we can see outward signs we call “good” and not realize our spiritual condition is not well.

This is why we need Lent. We need to take the time in our prosperity and intentionally examine our hearts. We need the work of the Spirit constantly.

Turn your hearts with intentionality to seek the Lord in this season! Find ways to come aside each day and reflect on your heart and its desire to truly seek the Lord.

Lord, our hearts need examination. Don’t let us fall under the spell of “leading economic indicators” to tell us if things are well with our soul. Be with us in this journey. Search our hearts and let your Spirit bring the cleansing we so desperately need. Let us find joy in the journey. Amen.

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