The small things we do

If we could possibly move away from doing things that we only think are good enough to post on Facebook, think of all the things we actually DO that bless people in the name of the Kingdom. When you think about all of us as believers simply living out the Kingdom in some small way… it is a huge payoff. Even if it doesn’t make Facebook.

We can choose to bless and not curse:

— By serving our schools. Go in and ask how you can help! Once they pick their jaws up off the floor, they will give you things to do.
— By serving in the city. Ask a local government office if there is a committee to serve on.
— By reading to a kid.
— By reading to a immigrant learning English.
— By volunteering at the library.
— By mowing a neighbor’s yard without telling them. (If you know it would bless them, and NOT because you’re just irritated with their weeds.)
— By silently praying for those who get on your bus in the morning and evening.
— By asking people a simple question: “How can I help you?”

The Kingdom can come. Over and over. Day by day. Growing.

Go. Bless.


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