Today is enough

We have Wednesday night meals at our church during the school year to help people get to church without worrying about cooking a meal at home, or buying something on the way, and hurrying into church for Wednesday night ministries. Several years ago we had some families in a nearby apartment that would send their kids over for the meal… and they would sometimes stay for the kids ministry activities. They eventually stayed every week, which was great.

When they would come for the meal, there were a couple of things I noticed about how they got their food. First of all, in typical kid fashion, they hit the dessert side of the table first. Before we could get them trained in that other people were actually going to eat that night, they would load up a plate of treats right away.

The other thing I noticed was they would then load up on the meal. Sometimes they would use two plates. At first I thought, “Wow. They must be hungry. I wonder if they are getting enough at home. How can we help?”

Then I realized they weren’t eating it. They would often simply load up, eat a few bites, and leave the rest. Sometimes they wouldn’t even eat all the treats they loaded onto a plate. They simply raced through the line first to make sure they got what they thought they wanted, then only ate what they felt like. It was a fear of not having enough.

I walk through life like that sometimes. I fear not having enough. There may be silly things I try and “stock up” on just in case I need something later.

The prayer the Lord taught the disciples has this thought, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Today is enough. The Lord knows what I need for this day. It’s not foolishness to plan for the future. It is foolishness to plan without trusting God for the future. It is foolishness to think I can hoard for the future. To think that I am my best provider.

Today is enough. He has in mind what is going to come across my path this day, so I need to put this day before him and say, “Lord, the people I see, the activities I have, the bills I need to pay… here they are. YOU are enough for all I need on this day.”

Today is enough because Jesus is more than enough.

Asking the Lord for daily bread…

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