The freedom found in Christ

“The fact that those freed by the divine action still live in the world does not mean that they belong to the world, as though possessed by the world and incorporated into its structure. They are indeed in themselves finite individuals, but are no longer in slavery for — through the process of dying andContinue reading “The freedom found in Christ”

The challenge of trust

Trusting God for TODAY, for the MOMENT, is monumental. Trusting him for provision… with my time… my plans… A prayer of Oswald Chambers: Detach me, O Lord, from the things of sense and time, and usher me into the presence of the King. Keep the precincts of my mind and heart entirely Yours. Help meContinue reading “The challenge of trust”

The questions of prayer

Luke 10:1-11:13 is about basic discipleship. I quite frequently let the chapter breaks (which were added centuries later) effect how I read a unit. I think the unit here is from 10:1 to 11:13. Four basic things concerning discipleship: 1. Bold proclamation 2. Radical love for the neighbor 3. Intimate worship with Jesus 4. Bold prayerContinue reading “The questions of prayer”