A steady heart locks onto the Kingdom

There will always be tumultuous times. There are specific times of upheaval that have major impacts for a generation to come. I believe we have been in that specific window and it’s about to close. However, tumultuous times will always be with us. 

Psalm 33 is a psalm to help maintain perspective. It is a call to keep our hearts focused on the true King, not what the nations are doing around us.

In verse 10 I can be reminded that for all the planning nations will do, including the United States, they will all come to nothing. There is an expiration date on each nation of the world so it would be a great idea to keep my eyes on what is eternal.

In every era, there are those national leaders who think their strength is in their military. Verse 16 is a reminder that no king will be saved by his army. The military is false hope.

Where is the eye of the Lord? On those who fear him (v. 18).

So, we have a decision. Where is our focus? On the “kings” of this world who promise false hope and false security?

David makes his decision. The hope for him is waiting on the Lord (v. 20).

When we trust him… our hearts are glad.

Lock your heart onto the Kingdom of God. Let the vision and glory of our great King fill you with hope and praise. No matter what nations do around us, our hope is greater. Our faith is deeper. Our Rock is secure.

Photo by Daniel Gregoire on Unsplash

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