The no flash, no glitz world we can’t stand

It’s serving. It is the discipline of service. We want to serve… as long as we get our selfie in and posted somewhere in the social media world. Richard Foster gives me this harsh reminder: There is no flash, no glitz, no titanic anything. Today’s celebrity culture, captive to its pretentious egoism, simply finds suchContinue reading “The no flash, no glitz world we can’t stand”

You’ve Heard the One About the Bad Tipper

Okay, ENOUGH ALREADY! We’ve heard time and TIME AGAIN about the waitress at Applebee’s that posted the receipt from a pastor. The receipt had a note that said, “I give God 10%. Why should you get 18?” Bad Christian! BAD CHRISTIAN! Then, the blogs and comments on blogs, and comments on Facebook fly: “See? ThisContinue reading “You’ve Heard the One About the Bad Tipper”