Initial thoughts are trickling in…

Early thoughts on the NIV2011 abound. Two I look for are Rick and TC.

I am not sure why TC may say the NIV “played it safe.” It’s early and I haven’t been able to dive too far into the new text. (Doing it online is not my favorite way to do this.) But I look for passages I am currently studying and try some comparisons.

But as for “playing it safe”? I’m not sure. The CBT kept a LOT of gender-accurate language, which just can’t make more traditional NIVers happy. They also moved to translate sarx in the Pauline corpus to “flesh.” Again, it’s a bit of a gutsy move (even if some would think it’s not smart).

I’m just wondering if I can keep using my TNIV for a good while without much notice. 😉 (Would there be THAT much difference in the texts? I’m tempted to try and find out.)

As for me, the TNIV was a VAST improvement over the NIV. I had never liked it. Now, with some modifications, the NIV2011 may be even a bit more formal, which I happen to like.

At any rate, I DO know this: I’m done. It’s been crazy on my part comparing translations. If the NIV stays 95% plus of the TNIV, I’ll buy a good leather NIV next year and then discipline myself to stop. Any further dollars I would have spent on new Bibles needs to go for those who do not have even ONE copy. I need to give to Bible translation… in other languages. There are those who deserve the attention in ONE Bible that we give hundreds here.

2 thoughts on “Initial thoughts are trickling in…

  1. My thinking is very similar to yours, Dan. I hope to get a nice new NIV next year, and after that I don’t see me getting any more for a long time.

    My co-worker, a former Baptist pastor, took a look at the new NIV online and was very impressed, and while he usually feels the more formal translations are best, he thinks the new NIV is about as good as we’re going to get.

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